Café Galileo’s at the
Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium Legat Architects 9514-57ELC faced a very tight time frame due to a 3 week permit delay and still finished the full remodel of the Café Galileo per the original schedule allowing Food For Thought to open the newly remodeled Café and service the rush of guests during the 2013 Spring Break period. ELC worked closely with top executives and Café staff in order to plan and coordinate all construction while having zero down time in Café operations. The Café also doubles as an event area hosting many high end weddings and other high profile events. ELC constructed a temporary enclosure covered in fabric that surrounded the entire work area allowing all food services and event activities to be provided seamlessly throughout the project.

The Scope of Work included complete demolition of the existing food service area and new construction of an entire food service kitchen area with all new equipment, improved functionality and all new finishes to create a whole new bold look. The entire dining area received new flooring finishes and all new tables and seating. We also coordinated all Sales Registers, Security Systems, Audio Visual Infrastructure/Equipment and construction of a dynamic feature wall with LED Lighting that changes colors highlighting the Café Galileo Sign and includes an 80” HD Television that allows Food For Thought to advertise features and special events. This project has received high praise and accolades from the Café Guests, Adler Planetarium Staff and Food For Thought Executives as can be evidenced by the attached pictures – Enjoy!

2013 ENR Midwest Best Project of the Year for Interior Design/Tenant Improvement


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