ATI Corporate

ATI Corporate Office

With the expertise of Loberg Construction, ATI completed one of their biggest projects by expanding their existing corporate office into the adjacent 48,000 SF located at 790 Remington Boulevard in Bolingbrook, IL.

While the task was no easy feat, ELC is proud of the outcome after all work and dedication we put in every project.

Some of the highlights of this development included:

  • Complete demolition of the existing interior office space
  • Upgrading electrical service to increase capacity and handle increased size of facility and number of employees
  • Exterior upgrade of entrance including new storefront, concrete sidewalks, reworking of parking lot and landscaping
  • Construction of more than 50 additional new offices, new conference rooms for all departments and supervision of installation of all Owner systems furniture
  • Installation of modern new stairways based on new configuration of space
  • Construction of a state of the art Executive Boardroom with drop down projection screens, 80” LCD Presentation, centralized control module of all lighting and electronics, and a beautiful adjacent executive coffee bar area
  • Construction of a Grand  Lobby including multilevel soffits with can and pendent lighting
  • Custom built reception station and a two-story bamboo feature wall
  • Connection of existing and new expansion space by cutting through two (2) layers of 12” thick precast walls and creating new entrance doors
  • Installation high-end security system throughout the building
  • Construction of Wellness Center Gym for employees
  • Installation of specialty ceilings, wall coverings, custom carpeting and specially designed ceramic tile
  • Installation of custom cabinetry in various areas of the building

The the best part of it all? ATI management was extremely excited with the final result. The project ran like a well oiled machine, finishing ahead of schedule and not exceeding budget.

Project cost: $2,750,000

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